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Ever since his childhood paper routes, Al always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

About Al

In fact, on the very night of his Coon Rapids High School graduation, Al moved out on his own and immediately got a job in the accounting department at a local bank called First Bank, which later became US Bank, where he worked full time while studying accounting.

Hungry for knowledge, Al attended many business seminars. After attending one of these seminars, he decided that he could make a bigger difference in families’ lives by working in the financial services industry than he could in accounting. In 1982, he left the banking and accounting industry to begin his financial services career in insurance and investments.

Today, Al has a successful career that spans several decades. He credits his achievements to the perseverance and strong work ethic he learned from his parents.

He is licensed for life insurance, health insurance, and variable annuities in Minnesota and holds the following securities registrations: Series, 7, 65, and 63.