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Strategic Investment Partners stays on top of the financial trends across many sources and while it can be difficult for you to have the time to research all financial trends, we summarize everything here is our monthly newsletters.

SIP Newsletter -April 2024_Page_1

SIP Newsletter - April 2024

Solid economic data gives support to continued positive stock and bond returns. The so-called “soft-landing” scenario is playing out despite higher-than-expected inflation readings reported during the month...
SIP Newsletter -March 2024_Pageq

SIP Newsletter - March 2024

We continue to like the set up for stocks and bonds in 2024. February posted strong returns for stocks even as the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury moved higher.

SIP Newsletter -February 2024_Page_1

SIP Newsletter - February 2024

The first five trading days of trading in January were down -0.13% for the S&P 500 but reversed to finish the month positive. This has positive implications for...

SIP Newsletter - January 2024_Page_01

SIP Newsletter - January 2024

The “first five days” theory is an old market adage that suggests that if the first five trading days of the year have a positive return, then full year returns are likely to be positive...

SIP Newsletter -December 2023_Page_1

SIP Newsletter - DECEMBER 2023

Stock and bond returns were noticeably strong during the month of November largely due to declining interest rates. Recall that we alerted clients to the fact that...

SIP Newsletter -October 2023_Page_1

SIP Newsletter - OCTOBER 2023

The S&P 500 declined -4.87%, the NASDAQ Composite lost -5.81%, the Russell 2000 dipped -6.03% and the MSCI ACWI index fell -3.11% during September...


SIP Newsletter - SEPTEMBER 2023

A spike in interest rates during the month of August led to weak returns across most markets. In addition, recall that we warned last month that August and September tend to...


SIP Newsletter - August 2023

The month of July saw a continued mixture of positive economic news releases and signs that inflation has peaked. We have suggested in the past that...


SIP Newsletter - July 2023

The month of June had an impressive start with the release of payroll data that was much stronger than investors anticipated. The economy added 339,000 jobs...


SIP Newsletter - June 2023

Despite the continued chorus of negativity from politicians, news outlets and financial media, large cap stocks continue to deliver positive results while small caps...


SIP Newsletter - May 2023

The stock market rally that began on October 13, 2022, continued throughout most of January to mercifully start the year on a positive note. Notably, the first five trading days…


SIP Newsletter - April 2023

One of the most important events heading into March was supposed to the the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) Chair Jarome Powell's testimony to the Senate Banking…

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